Welcome to the new internet home of the Seven Years' War Convention!! This blog should be your source for all things related to the Seven Years' War Convention- including early dates for next year, where the convention will be held, which games will be played, and so forth.

Traditionally, the convention has been held in the South Bend area. That is something that the Seven Years' War association would like to continue, as it allows people from a large number of states to meet at a central point. South Bend is within 8 hours driving time of many major metropolitan centers including: Nashville, Louisville, Lexington, Omaha, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Toronto.

In addition- the Seven Years' War convention is expanding its scope to including a wider time frame. While most games will probably still be Seven Years' War related, we welcome and encourage games between the Battle of White Mountain in 1620 to the Battle of Marengo in 1800. So- do you have a Pike and Shot game? Do you play the Great Northern War, or the War of the League of Augsburg? Marlburian conflicts? The War of Austrian Succession? The Jacobite Rebellions? Wars of Frederick the Great? The American Revolution? The Wars of the French Revolution? If so- this is the convention for you!

Are you looking for a hard to find book or miniature? The Seven Years' War convention has great vendors, who sell a variety of terrain pieces, painted miniatures, military books, and wargaming supplies.

In addition to the gaming- the Seven Years' War convention is a hub of early modern military-historical thought. Do you want to hear lectures from historians on military topics? Do you want to talk late into the night with figures like Dr. Christopher Duffy and Dr. George Nafziger? Do you have research that you are interested in publishing? The convention is often host to Professor Jim McIntyre, who edits the Journal of the Seven Years' War Association, and John Brewster, who is an editor at the Napoleonic historical society. As a result, the convention is not only perfect for gamers, but also students, military historians, and graduate students, who wish to discuss topics with leading figures in their field!

There are many reasons why gamers love the Seven Years' War convention. It has great games, vendors, historians. The question is- will you be there?

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  1. If any gamers have some of the unusual period not seen much like Swedish war early 18th century, ofr even some skirmish of the 17th with Indians versus colonists, those would be quite interesting. Course my favorite French Indian is always welcome site to see.