Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gamemasters' Form for the 2020 Convention

We are approximately 4 months out from the 2020 convention! This year, it is April 2nd-4th, at the same location in South Bend, Indiana. As the scheduler of games this year, I am listing the gamemasters' form below in this post. Any potential gamemasters should fill out the form and mail it to me at

 If anyone has any questions regarding the process, or about a potential game, please reach out to me on here, or at the email address above. I can't wait to see you all this year's convention!
Gamemasters’ Form
Example Information
Name of Game:  Battle of Germantown, 1777
Brief Description of Game: After an embarrassing defeat at Brandywine, George Washington prepares an early-morning surprise attack in early October. The British forces under General Howe are unprepared for the Continental attack.
Number of Players: 4-6
Size of Miniature/Type of Game: 15mm/Tactical Game
Rules: Guns of Liberty
Size of Tables (Measured in 6’ by 30” Tables): 7.5’x8’
Length of Game: 4 hours
Day/Time Preferences: 1st. Friday Morning 2nd. Saturday Morning

Name of Game:  (Battle Name, Year)
Brief Description of Game: (Forces involved, Scenario)
Number of Players: (Lower and Upper limits on players)
Size of Miniature/Type of Game:  (Scale in mm/Skirmish, Tactical, Grand Tactical)
Rules: (Name of Ruleset)
Size of Tables (Measured in 6’ by 30” Tables): (Total Space)
Length of Game: (4 hours, 8 hours, or all day)

Day/Time Preferences: (1st Preference, 2nd Preference)